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For more information on the Diné (aka Navajo), please visit or see the latest Navajo news. (Search “Navajo News” in Google News)

The current owners of the website have no affiliation with Diné CARE or associated parties; please refer all questions to the above-mentioned website. Perhaps our connection to the Navajo nation would be through their crafts whether it is their silver and turquoise jewelry, or textiles, particularly their rugs. Some of our clients who buy cigar humidors ask for designs that would compliment their Navajo decorated interiors. For those who are not familiar with the term humidor, it is usually a box or free standing cabinet, but can also be an entire room, that is designed to store and age cigars in an environment that will preserve and age cigars for a number of years. A quality humidor maintains its environment at the optimal humidity range of 68 % to 72% at room temperature. We have created custom humidors that are made from exotic woods, some inlaid with silver and turquoise, to enhance a western / Navajo inspired decor. However, our cigar humidors are sold on another website and has no relationship with this one.

Or it might be through the generosity of an anonymous patron who in collaboration with an online wig store had offered to help offset the cost of human hair wigs for women of the Navajo nation who have suffered hair loss due to cancer. This offer was to be for 1 year only. The web site had information about wigs for cancer patients to help in the selection, wearing and caring of these flattering hairpieces. One brand especially, Estetica wigs, can be cut, given a permanent, or dyed, allowing the wearer to style the wig as if it were their natural hair. Although human hair wigs are more expensive than synthetic fiber wigs, they last much longer if cared for properly, and really do look more natural. But Estetica’s wigs are a great substitute if you’re on a budget, and there is very little compromise involved. The interest in this offer was rewarding and certainly helped many women who are not able to afford a human hair wig. The wig experts at the online store helped the Navejo women choose the medical wigs that’s was best for them. It was a rewarding experience for everyone involved.

The content below and on the following pages has been reprinted from the original version of the website.

Mission Statement

Diné CARE is an all-Navajo environmental organization, based within the Navajo homeland.  We strive to educate and advocate for our traditional teachings as we protect and provide a voice for all life in the Four Sacred Mountains.  We promote alternative uses of natural resources that are consistent with the Diné philosophy of Beauty Way.  Our main goal is to empower local and traditional people to organize, speak out and determine their own destinies.  Diné CARE – an indegenious environmental organization  to protect and preserver the diné way of life.

HC 63 Box 263
Winslow, Arizona, 86047

Current Projects

Coal Fired Power Plants

Power generation via coal combustion has had a significant effect on the Colorado Plateau’s once famous air quality

Nuclear Waste

White Mesa Nuclear Waste Facility. Located south of Blanding and north of Aneth, Utah.

Oil and Gas

Prevent future drilling of oil on Navajo reservation near Aneth, UT and Table Mesa, NM. Since a large number of our community have taken jobs on offshore oil rigs in Texas and Louisiana, we have been posting supporting information to help them navigate their new environment and employment. We have a maritime lawyer in Baton Rouge who will assist any member who is injured on the job and needs legal advice. Offshore work is dangerous and many members of our community are not aware that legal assistance is available. Do not expect the large companies that are your employers to come to your aid without some legal pressure to do so.


In 1981 Navajo department of forestry reported that the forests of Chuska Mountains were in seriously bad shape. Thirteen years and millions of trees later, the Navajo Nation lumber mill ceased operations after accumulating millions in debt. Now, for some strange reason, the Navajo Nation department of forestry thinks it’s a good idea to start cutting down the forest again.
Colorado Aquifer

Members of the southwest area of the Navajo Nation Chapters “C Aquifer for Dine” organization are petitioning the Navajo Nation Council to stand with them against the use of C-Aquifer for coal slurry from Black Mesa and to oppose the recent “Settlement Plan” to re-start the Mohave Generating Station and resume the Peabody Coal mining operation.
Other Issues

From toxic waste dumping to forced relocation of Diné from their ancestral lands, a round-up of issues facing the Navajo people, and other indigenous peoples of the Americas.

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