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Even when it comes to simple rights that other Americans take for granted such as the right to apply for social security disability benefits if you are disabled and unable to work, our people are at a disadvantage. If a person has a physical illness or mental condition that is expected to prevent him / her from working for at least a year or that will result in death, he / she may be eligible for social security disability benefits. However the person has to present a strong case or otherwise the lengthy application process may very likely be futile. Since many of our people don’t have easy access to the internet, it becomes even more difficult to apply for benefits. In addition, up to 70% of the applicants are turned down for both the initial claim and a reconsideration where the claim is reviewed again by the Disability Determination Services (DDS). At this point many people just give up. However, if the initial claim is valid, it might be worthwhile to find a lawyer for social security disability claims who can support and guide you through an appeal hearing before an Administrative Law Judge. Your social security disability attorney will take care of everything for you whether it is preparing paperwork, filing forms, doing research, or personally prepping you for your hearing before a judge. A social security disability lawyer will make sure that all the deadlines are met as well as checking to make sure all files are received by the Administrative Law Judge. Finally, when your claim is approved, your lawyer will make sure you receive the proper payment from the Social Security Administration. Although the lawyer is entitled up to 25% of the benefits, you will receive 75% of monies you might never have been awarded. This is the way the system can work for many people, but it is likely a disabled Navajo would be at a more severe disadvantage. One reason Diné has grown is so that we can take care of our own people.

As a result of our successes, we have been approached by numerous Native communities, as well as non-Native communities, who faced with devastating environmental impacts.  We have developed a culturally appropriate method for educating such groups, providing the opportunity for a truly indigenous method of environmental protection and alternative development strategies.  We have been active in many communities, as local people access the knowledge and experience of our long-term members, coupling it with the wisdom and guidance of their elders.  Local people involved in protecting their communities become partners in Diné CARE’s mission, by taking the leadership role in defending their land, proposing alternatives to outdated “development” plans, and by showing others throughout the Navajo Nation that our traditional beliefs and practices hold a tremendous amount of relevance for the problems facing today’s world.

Members of the all-Navajo Board of Directors

Adella Begaye, Wheatfields, AZ                      President
Earl Tulley, Blue Gap, NM                              Vice President
Sylvia Clahchischilli, Teec Nos Pos, AZ          Secretary
Lori Goodman, Durango, CO                          Treasurer
Lawendra Atcitty, Bloomfield, NM
Lucille Charley, Dzilth-Naa-O-Dith-Hle, NM
Lucy Hatathli-Nez, Tuba City, AZ
McQueen Suen, Rock Point, AZ
Hazel Merritt, Aneth, UT

Anna Marie Frazier, Dilkon, AZ
Cell: (928) 308-8718
Email: [email protected]

Contact Information:
Our community-based activists often do not have direct mailing addresses. However, any inquiries, pledges or requests can be sent to:

10A Town Plaza, Suite 138
Durango, CO 81301
Telephone: (970) 259-0199
Cell: (970) 759-1908 Cell: (928) 380-7697
Fax: (970) 259-2600
Email: [email protected]

Dine CARE (Main Office)
HC 63 Box 263
Winslow, AZ 86047
Telephone: (928) 309-8718
Email: [email protected]

Many thanks to those who contributed to our many causes, and especially to those who provided financial support.

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